Demi-Moderators would be individuals who provide support and assistance during and between cons but are not officially on the Admin/Mod Team. They need to be trust worthy and reliable people able to assist us during cons and in the lead up to cons or people who regularly prove to be of assistance but may not have a desire to become a full time Mod. Demi-mods would be answerable to any Admin/Mod and would be added to Team-based chats to assist us in the areas needed and indicated as a preference on your application. Demi-Mods would have access to a Facebook chat started with the Admins/Mods as an open means of communication however Demi-Mods will not have Admin abilities in the Facebook group or forums. Demi-Mods may choose to be ‘seasonal' - only coming in during certain times of the year or just during specific cons - or year round and in time may be promoted to full Mod if certain criteria are met.

Moderators will need to show good leadership and organisation skills. They will need to be willing to access and use Facebook and Facebook Messenger, as well as our forums, as mediums of communication with the other Admins/Mods. They will also be expected to be proactive as a member of one of three Admin/Mod Teams that coordinate group moderation, promotion and events, especially during con times. Mods will ideally need to regularly attend at least a couple of the big cons (MCM or Showmasters) in a year to assist with the group's meets/photoshoots; personal circumstances allowing. Ideally Mods will be able to assist year round (again personal circumstances allowing), especially during larger cons even if not in attendance themselves, with overseeing the basic social media areas (Facebook/Messenger). All Mods will need to undertake a probationary period as a Demi-Mod before officially being accepted into the role.