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MCM Comic Con London 26th and 27th May - AOTF Photoshoot

Planning cons, trooping, photoshoots, dueling sessions, or just random meet ups to hang out? Let us know!
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MCM Comic Con London 26th and 27th May - AOTF Photoshoot

Post by AOTFFury » Tue May 01, 2018 11:23 am


MCM London is just around the corner, so ignite your lightsabers, set your blaster to stun and get your jedi robes out for the first London AOTF Photoshoot of 2018.

Location: to be announced on Friday of MCM or sooner

The Photoshoot itself will start off with admins/mods/demi-mods aiming to take certain group pictures first:

1) Huge Group Shot of Everyone
2) Group Shots Non Force users (Both Good, Evil & Mandos)
3) Group Shots Force users (Both Light & Dark)
4) Individual Group Shots Galactic Empire/First Order Force Users & None Force Users
5) Individual Group Shots Rebels/Resistance Force Users & Non Force Users
6) Individual Group Shots of Jedi
7) Individual Group Shots of Sith
8) Individual Group Shots Grey Jedi’s
9) Individual Group Shots Mando/Bounty Hunters
10) Individual Group Shots Aliens
11) Face Off Rebels/Resistance vs. Galactic Empire/First Order Force & Non Force users
12) Face off Jedi Vs Sith

These are just some examples of what we would like to achieve, however it all depends on what we have to work with & who people cosplay as.

After we have got all the pictures the admins/mods/demi-mods would like to get of everyone you are more than welcome to request any pictures you would like to have done as long as those who you want in the pictures are willing.

Any questions please speak to an Admin/Mod/Demi-Mod
Fury is here!

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