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Agents Of The Force Duelling Disclaimer

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Katsuhito Tal
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Agents Of The Force Duelling Disclaimer

Post by Katsuhito Tal » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:09 pm

This disclaimer outlines that the Facebook community group "Agents of the Force" (AOTF), and its admins, moderators & demi-moderators do not promote or condone Lightsaber fights/duels/challenges that could result in an individual/s safety to be put at risk while attending any AOTF meets/photo shoots.

Choreographed duels for the purpose of videos being filmed during a photoshoots is the only exception and MUST be conducted in a safe area, cleared of people, with permission/acceptance from those participating (the photographer and the duellers) as well as being overseen by an admin or mod.

Senior group members are well aware that due to the nature of the group, & the characters portrayed in the franchise, there is an inherit risk with people who may wish to take this opportunity to engage in Lightsaber fights/duels/challenges.

Any individual/s who wishes to engage in any form of Lightsaber fights/duels/challenges, does so at their own risk, & is responsible for their own actions & welfare.

AOTF will not be held accountable or responsible for any damages to Lightsabers or injuries sustained from taking part any form of Lightsaber fights/duels/challenges.